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Here's some information about me, so you know who you are dealing with...!

This is apicture of your rewriter, Janina Tubby
Your rewriter, Janina

My name's Janina Tubby and I'm an inhouse rewriter/editor at Kobe University Hospital. I work here once a week, alternating between the Orthopeadics and the Radiology departments, and I provide rewriting services for doctors and graduate students wishing to publish in international refereed medical journals and/or present at international conferences.

Services offered include:

  • rewriting of journal articles
  • advice/feedback on writing style and weaknesses to work on
  • conversion of written reports into oral presentations
  • practice sessions/feedback for presenters
  • email checks
  • face-to-face consultations
  • other related work

I also teach Culture, Business English and Internet courses at the University of Marketing & Distribution here in Kobe. If you have any questions for me outside of work hours, please contact me by email.

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