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Tip: Highlight key information on overheads or make an interpretation


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Don't read everything on your overheads

If there is a lot of detailed information on your overheads, you do not need to read it out. In fact it's boring and difficult to follow. Your listeners can read! Simply highlight any important numbers when you speak or show how you interpret the results.

 XX The Rolland Morris score for Group 1 was 8.8 pre-treatment and 22.1 post-treatment, while the Visual numeric score was 8.8 pretreatment and...


Here you can see comparisons between pretreatment and posttreatment. Youll note the differences in all categories are very significant. Look at the finger to floor distance for example. These results clearly show...


Download a checklist summary of these points for helping you plan your next oral presenation.


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