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TIP: Use active, not passive sentence structure...


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Avoid using passive sentences, even in the explanation of your method. When we are listening, it is much easier for our brains to understand and process sentences that follow an active subject-verb-object order, than a passive order.
Passive Active
Passive: Therefore, at present, esophageal MR fluoroscopy cannot be adapted for the detection of esophageal cancer and esophagitis.
Active: So up to now, we haven't been able to adapt MR fluoroscopy so we can detect conditions like esophageal cancer or esophagitis.
Now do the quiz to help check your understanding of active and passive sentences.
Task: Now try to change these passive sentences into active sentences more suitable for oral presentation. You can also simplify the language if you think it will improve it.
  1. These disparate results can be explained by several methodologic and technical flaws.
  2. The epidural injections, both the caudal and translaminar types, were performed without the use of fluoroscopy or contrast.
  3. The participants in this study were recruited in a consecutive manner from referrals to one private practice affiliated with the hospital.

Now check your answers with my suggested answers. Remember, there are many possible answers that may still be right. My answers are examples only.